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Attracting What I Want

3 Jun

I’ve been listening to Esther Hicks.  She channels an entity named “Abraham.”  I don’t quite understand it, but I’ve been listening to her YouTube videos anyway.

It’s about putting out the vibration of what you want.  So, if I want a strong, healthy, fit body, I put that out into the universe.  Then I focus on something else.  By focusing on what I don’t like about my body, it puts out a different/negative vibration.  This resistance apparently prevents us from having what we want.

It’s kind of a brain teaser for me.

I’ll try it again.  If I want to attract a loving, passionate partnership with a man, I put that into the universe.  If I keep focusing on my last few relationships and what did not work about them, I’m thinking that I’m jamming my vibrations with negativity.

Instead, I will focus on the wonderful feeling of having the kind of relationship I want, or on something that causes me to connect with the “source” within me in a happy way.  The feeling of love I have for my children.   The peace I have when I look out the window of my beach cottage.  The beauty of colorful flowers.

And, it’s not easy.  I want to make my body wrong or some of my children’s choices wrong.  I want to focus on how hurt I am by one of my coworkers.   This weekend I am away with my kids.  Each time I spend more money then I thought I would, I get this pani in my chest.  It feels like I am stepping in quicksand and going down.  I feel like I’m swirling out of control.

When I remember to, I try to let those feelings go and take a deep breath.  I remind myself that I put money aside for vacations for exactly this purpose.  Even though I don’t like to “dip” into the money I put aside, I did it for this purpose.  I am ok.  I breathe in abundance instead of feeling like I’m drowning.

Esther/Abraham says that by talking about your “issues” and what you don’t want, you actually keep all that in place.   Instead, you put your desires out there, and then think/talk about something else.

And that makes sense.  When I can remember to do it.

But, what if you need help with something?  Then, I think it is actually useful to talk about  it.  At least for me.   When something is bothering me, it helps me to talk it out and get into dialogue.  So I’m not going to stop doing that.

But I do have a sense of peace when I try to connect with the source within me.  A calmness replaces my seemingly chronic fear and worry.  I can almost be present for a couple of moments.  Almost.  And then the thoughts come rushing back.

So it will just take practice.  And, I’m willing to try.   Why not?  There is nothing to lose and it feels a lot better then focusing on what is wrong with my life.