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Third blog of the night – on a roll

2 Aug

Well, what do you expect?  I’ve been sitting in this damn airport since 1:30 as I’ve said and I still have an hour.  My flights at 6:15.  I’m on my second glass of wine so the disgusting bugs on the seat I was on for the first 3 hours are quickly being forgotten.  (I hope – I know, stop talking about them, then.)

I told my mom about said bugs  and she said I would need to be fumigated before I stepped into her house.  (Well, not exactly her words but I like to embellish the truth for the sake of drama).

I just made friends with the PERSON who is serving me.  I wanted something salty and she suggested these marconi almonds.  So f——g good.  I was going to be “good,” but I would end up eating a freaking gross RX bar instead for the same points.  So, that’s a strategy. Try to eat well.  Get hungry.  Eat stupid points anyway and gain weight.

This is my new way.  I eat  something I  really love.  These almonds are so f——-g good.  I am in 7th heaven.  Helen, our course leader said, if there’s no joy, it’s a strategy.  Well, I found the freaking joy.  After two glasses of wine (did I say that already?) and these orgasmic almonds, I am in hog heaven.  Living the life.  Talking to everyone around me.

Just made friends with Brittany.  She flies for work.  She’s sitting here with me.  Everyone’s friendly after wine.

I still have 24 mins until we MIGHT start boarding.  I don’t even care anymore.  Life is GREAT!!!

Helen told ME that worrying is a WASTE OF TIME.  AND, it makes you look ugly (again, paraphrasing – she just made an ugly face).  And, worrying has been my life unknowingly.

And, I’m done.  I just have to remember that.  OK, they actually are boarding.  I need my check and I’m finally OUT OF HERE.

The flight is actually freaking boarding.  I may not edit this.


Testing my new strategies

2 Aug

I just got on a webinar.  I figured I would pass some time since I’ve been at the airport for so long and still have another hour until we board.  I was sure my earphones were plugged into the computer and no one else could hear me.  I was minding my own business watching it.

A woman came over to me and asked me to turn down the sound of my computer.

“We can all hear you and it’s very loud.”

I noticed the gay little man at the next table kind of smirk in agreement.

I wanted to be embarrassed, make her wrong, and run away.

But, instead, I said, “Oh, thank you, I thought it was on my headphones.  Thank you.”  And I was fine.

OK, that’s a bald faced lie.  If I was fine, I would be back listening to the webinar instead of typing this.

I’m really trying not to make her wrong.  I do want to hate her for embarrassing me, but I am going to eventually move on and pay attention to the webinar again.

Anyway, thanks for listening.  I just needed to upgrade myself and be present again.