What am I Not Responsible For? Good Question

25 Aug


At a client.  I am still annoyed that I lost what I wrote yesterday.  It was good.  Oh well, move on…….

I feel like I am hating Jack and I don’t know why.  Usually it is when I have done something wrong.  I asked him and he says that feeling that way is what we called a “racket” in the Forum.  You make someone else wrong and be right.  Usually you are not being responsible for something.

I think it might be that I am not happy in the marriage and so I am blaming him.  It is easier to blame it on him than to think it might have something wrong with me.  I am going to save this just in case I lose power.  I will figure out more later.  I am at a client and need to try to talk to them.

I’m back – I am striking out and Jack is talking to a possible recruit instead of the clients.  Is that bad?  He could be showing him how to sell instead of wasting time flapping his trap.

He loves to act like he is so fucking good and brags and talks about himself.  It makes me ill.  I know I am making him wrong, but maybe I just need to get it out so here goes:

– Never fucking stops talking about himself


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