I feel like a heel

15 Feb

It’s Valentine’s Day!!!   I had bought my daughter a pink, snuggly bear that said Love and a bag of kisses that I distributed to many people I know and love.

Then, in the supermarket, I saw Toblerone bars.  I remembered Haley being upset because someone had eaten her Toblerone when she was little.  So I grabbed 3.  I proudly distributed them to my son, his girlfriend, and Haley.

A few minutes later Haley said, “Mom, I just want to tell you something.  You always buy these for me and I don’t like them.  I just wanted you to know.”

I lost it.  I went into an incident about how I never buy the right presents and fuck me and I’m never buying that bitch anything else.  I started cleaning the downstairs of the house which i never do, throwing things in garbage bags and asking everyone to clean up.

Finally I said, “Haley, when I buy a gift for someone I feel good.  Like I am doing something nice for them.  It is a good feeling.  But, after you told me you don’t like it, not only do I not feel good, but I am embarassed and feel like I wasted my time and money.  I feel like a stupid fool.”

And she spent the next half hour begging me not to hate her and trying to give me hugs.  i acted like an ass hole and didn’t give her the satisfaction of saying I was over it.

She was supposed to go to my son’s college tonight with him.  She got all dressed up and then he decided not to go back tonight.   She is now up in her room feeling sorry for herself.  Like mother like daughter.  I asked her to come down and she said “Fuck off.”

I told her that I am the upset one tonight and how dare she try to take my place.  It wasn’t met with humor.

I guess she learned her tactics from me.  Oh well. She’ll get over it. I did.  All I can do is pray.














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