Freedom and Happiness

22 Apr

I had an exhausting week.  I was doing things I had never done before and everything took longer then I thought it would.  I was frustrated and annoyed and felt like I was WASTING MY TIME!!!!

I felt unproductive because I wasn’t doing the day to day calls, follow ups and appointment setting that I need to be do to stay on quota and continue to generate business.  But, successful people, I once read, invest the time in learning things that will make them more efficient later.  I tried to make myself feel better by telling myself this, but it only went so far.  I still felt like I wasn’t doing what I needed to be doing.  And that just kept me ANNOYED AT MYSELF!!!

And now it’s Sunday and I am enjoying the last few hours of FREEDOM.  But thinking about getting up tomorrow at 5:00 AM, beating the traffic, getting to the gym, working, and repeating this 4 more times until I get to another weekend, exhausts me.

And, it shouldn’t, because I have taken on feeling FREE AND HAPPY.  I guess I had forgotten!!!!

I had decided I would be happy for people, no matter what they do or say.  Because it doesn’t mean anything about me.  So why should it bother me?

I am not dependent on what other people do.   If they want to move south and go to the beach instead of work with me, GREAT!!!  Enjoy the sun!!

If they want to be alone instead of being with me, GREAT!!!  Enjoy your time alone.   I hope they have everything they need to live a fulfilled life.

If they want to criticize and judge, have at at.  It doesn’t mean it’s the truth and hopefully they are enjoying being right!!

So, these things no longer mean anything about my life.  I am FREE.

And another thing I’ve decided.  That I can say what I want and do what I want.   That I am able to say what I want – and go for what I want.  And, when I notice the fear of what people  will think or say, I do it anyway.  That is huge for me.

I can see how limited I have been, especially in relationships with men.  I’m so afraid someone will think I am interested that I just keep my head down and don’t even look at them.

In the last week, I have started saying hello to men I don’t know.  And asking questions. And so far I have survived.  Nothing horrible has happened.  I used to do it all the time.  It was fun.

So I will keep experimenting.  And keep you posted.

So, here’s to HAPPINESS AND FREEDOM!!  It should be an exciting adventure!!!!!


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