1 Jul



Read at your own risk.  I have to say that now.  My blog was finally read, so that’s good, but guess who read it?  You guessed it, Jack.

He woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me we needed to talk.  I was sound asleep and needed to get up to work out in a couple of hours, so my first thought was that couldn’t this wait?  But then I realized he must be pretty upset. 

He doesn’t like my “chronicling” my activities at the gym.  Well, more importantly, he doesn’t like that I have activities at the gym to chronicle.    It was a tough couple of hours which left me very tired and frustrated. 

First of all, this is my private place to write.  This is where I vent.  This is not reality, just how I feel at a particular moment.  It lets me…

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