Going for sexy – uh oh!!!!

15 May

Hey guys:

I’ve been reading “Lovable” by Suzanne Muller in my spare time.  She recommended a reading list so I ordered one of the books, “How to Set His Thighs on Fire” by Kate White.

I got it this weekend and I’ve been devouring it.

Chapter 17 – How to Look as Sexy as J.Lo really got to me.   And, another chapter about being sexy.

I have been avoiding looking sexy probably my whole life.  I didn’t want to just be “loved” for my boobs.  That can be a whole ‘nother blog for a different day.  Look for “The Boob Story”.   For now, let’s just say, I didn’t want guys oogling me, was a tom-boy, an athlete, wore sneakers, etc.  I was friendly, but in a friend sort of way.

And, if I was going to have self-talk in the past it would be, “hold in your gut you fat moose,” or “your wrinkles are showing you old hag,” or “I’m sure everyone is noticing the 5 pounds you have gained.”  You can see what I mean.  Not very nice and not conducive to sexy.  (OK I wasn’t that mean, I’m just trying to make a point.)

So, why does J.Lo look so sexy?  Because “she has a very sexy thought in her head the moment the picture is taken”.

And there is another part of the book that says if you think you are sexy you will be sexy.  (I’m in a rush or I’d find it).

So, today, every time I had a negative thought, I would tell myself I was sexy.  And, I walked different and held myself different I noticed.  And, I wasn’t feeling unattractive like I can tend to.

Well, guys were noticing.  I could feel it.

One guy was looking at me in the truck next to me.  I smiled at him which I have not done in years.  He stared.  And then we sort of raced until he had to turn.  It was fun.

But then is the uh-oh.  On the highway, this truck pulled next to me and was riding next to me.  I finally looked up.  He had his tongue out – in and out – you get my drift.  At first I gave him the thumbs up thinking this was great. But then, he started following me and I started thinking he might be doing something in his lap and I got very wigged out.  He kept doing it and I stopped looking at him.  Then he came up on my other side.

I shook my head and waved him on.  He drove ahead.  I made sure he went ahead when I got off my exit.  It really scared me.  I had a plan though.  I was going to drive into a public place and ask for help if he really followed me.

So, I got my sexy on today, I will say, but now I remember why I turned it off.  I attracted a real creep.

There has to be a happy medium somewhere, fun without dangerous.  Anyone got any clues?




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