Running for the Numbers This Week

27 Jun

This is the last week of the quarter and in sales, that is the week to hit your numbers.  So, we are running as fast as we can.  We have around $12,000 more to go.

Unlike last quarter, I am trying to remain calm and contact everyone I know who was thinking about buying AFLAC.

Some people get back to you, some don’t.

I know we will hit our goal, but the not knowing how or when is unsettling.

Just like in relationships.  I want to hold onto something and there is nothing to hold onto.  And I want to give up.  But, I just saw this quote.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined.”

– Henry David Thoreau-

Having a passionate, loving relationship is my dream.  And, just like with my numbers, I can’t see how it can happen.  And, I want to give up, make myself wrong for thinking I can have/do it, and just give up and hide somewhere.

At work there is a deadline so I can’t afford to tank.

But in relationships, there is no deadline.  I have to trust the universe.  And instead I am fearful.  But you can’t have Fear and Faith at the same time.  So, who’s been winning?  Fear of course.

And as I sit at this client and no one is coming to see us, my fear is growing.  How to choose FAITH?  Good question.

  • Breathe
  • Visualize the desired outcome
  • Pray
  • And keep making phone calls

OK, gotta go make some phone calls and stay in action.  I can’t keep rewriting this blog.  I am going to hit SEND.




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