Reunion is Over – Back to Real Life

17 Jul

We just had our 40th high school reunion.  Wow!!!

It was so much fun.  Of course there were a couple of unpleasant moments when I was stung by a mean comment or two, but otherwise, it was a blast.

My face hurts from smiling.  My voice is hoarse from yelling over the band.  My feet hurt from dancing.  And, my back hurts from the sunburn at the beach.  And, I’m exhausted.

And I hated for it to end.  It was so nice being surrounded by my high school friends and classmates.  I could be my ridiculous self and they laughed.  And, two of my friends share my crazy sense of humor and I forgot how much fun it was to be around them.  I keep guffawing out loud remembering some of our hysterical exchanges.   So much fun.

It did not seem like 40 years had passed.  Wow!!!  And I already miss everyone.  And I wish we could get together all the time, but then it would not be as much as a novelty.   So, the weekend was very special.  I loved laughing, dancing, being goofy, talking, flirting, pinching the guys on the butts (only the few that wouldn’t be offended), and just hanging out.

So much freaking fun…………………………have I said that already?

At one point I was complaining to my friend about how someone had told me I was being bitchy………I call it being real, but whatever……..and my friend said, “people love how you are!  You are refreshing and real.”

And after that, I felt free.  Free to be me instead of wondering what was wrong with me.  And that was a gift.

Another person told me that I was being a gift to my other brothers and sisters by living with my mom right now.  I had never considered it to be that.  I always felt like I was the selfish one and hated myself for getting annoyed with my mom.  So, now I have another interpretation for “living with my mom.”  I am helping my brothers and sisters so they don’t have to worry.  And that was another gift to me.

And, today, I bask in the memories of the weekend.  And, I am getting work done, but, I don’t want to lose the feeling of the love, camaraderie, fun, and laughter that I experienced.  It’s hard to put the feeling into words.

And, I also remember that about ten years ago I submitted a piece on my college reunion to the college paper.  It was one of the first times I had submitted a piece of writing and I was so excited at my bravery.  And then I got a lovely note back saying that unfortunately, many people submit pieces on reunions and so (my interpretation was) that it wasn’t very good and not special enough to print.

So, I didn’t write again.  I gave up for several years.

And then I got over it and wrote my book.  And, started this blog.  And, that’s why I love writing this blog.  I can write whatever I want.  No one is editting, judging or criticizing.  FREEDOM!!!!

So, here is my first published reunion piece.  Enjoy and here’s to the memories!!!


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