Wow – This Quote Hit Home with Me

13 Jul

“When you hold resentments toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.”

– Catherine Ponder-

Ok, Ok, I’ll get off it with the person from work.  I already called her and everything was fine.  I didn’t bring up our fight and I will call her again later and not mention it.

Normally I would make it a big deal and keep asking if she was still mad.  If she resented me?  If she wants to talk about it?  It would keep the conversation alive.

And, also, if someone is in a bad mood, it’s not my job to get over it.  They’ll get over it when they do.  It’s actually not my fault or having anything to do with me.  And, my attempts to get them “over it” or talk it out are actually not helpful at all.  In fact, they are probably very annoying.

My biggest fear of being too annoying to be loved was actually being created by me.

I see the pull to still want to discuss the argument with my WF (Work Friend).  But I’m not going to.  Because that would just keep that unhappy conversation alive.  And what for?  So I can prove that I’m not a bad girl?  To prove that I am likable?

What will that accomplish?  It’s actually good that I said something in retrospect.  Because trying to be a “good” girl has allowed myself to be insulted, disrespected, treated like crap, and often disappointed.  I have not stood up for myself because I was afraid to get people mad.  And, as I have said, they get mad anyway.  So it’s a bad strategy.

And, the new me is a little uncomfortable.  But, I am forging the way to freedom and power and having “what I want when I want  it.”  It’s a lot better then “don’t get your hopes up, you will get disappointed.”

So, wish me luck.  Have a great day!!!







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