Haven’t Written in a while

23 Aug

I am working on my book again and trying to get it back to my editor.  I am working with my relationship coach and regular coach, working, getting to the beach for an hour a day when I can,….

  • living with my mom for another 8 days
  • trying to get used to a new computer
  • reading my new destiny for my relationships
  • trying to hit my numbers at work
  • still going to weight watchers and keep the momentum down the numbers
  • hanging with my kids for their last week
  • participating in multiple Landmark programs
  • And keep my sanity

So, this is just a little update.  Big weekends coming up.

  • course this weekend
  • then a barmitzah
  • have to move when I come back

In October I have:

  • a week in Canada
  • 4 days in Hawaii
  • a wedding

So, more soon……………………this is my new computer.  Whoopee!!!



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