It’s Been A While….therapy? I don’t think so

14 Sep

I literally  forgot about this blog.  And, I don’t know why.  That’s why I haven’t written for a while……..

But after 3 people told me I should go to a therapist, I realized that I was much better off when I wrote about what was bothering me instead of talking to people who just didn’t get it.  So, here I am, needing to write.

I mean, WTF?

And, when they say it I go into my familiar pattern of brain neurons firing (we are in a seminar about the brain – very interesting).  My thought pattern when someone says I need a therapist is………….

  • see, there is something wrong with me.  Everyone else sees it.  That’s why 3 random people have told me to go to therapy.  I shouldn’t be the way I am.  One was a physician.  So, he must be right.  I obviously have issues.  I better think about it.
  • But then the other part of my brain says:  what do they know?  Who knows me better then me?  I do cry and get upset.  That’s my access to transforming whatever is bothering me.  And, normal people don’t understand this.  They think one should not be upset.  If you are, you need to “talk to someone.”
  • Well, what they don’t know is that I have hundreds of people in my Landmark community that I could talk to.  And most of them would get it.  Not all, but alot.  Being upset is just me being a human being being human.  And it’s fine.  And I am fine.

So, to the doctor that diagnosed me as “having allergies, being stressed, and being depressed,”  made his diagnosis by reading my file.  My father died, I got divorced, my supposed love of my life lied about being married and stopped talking to me, I moved, my kids went off to college, my ex husband is now living with my mother while his house gets built, and work is stressful.

So, sometimes I cry and talk about what is going on and try to figure out how to deal with all of these new situations.  Does that mean I have to pay someone to listen to me be a confused victim?  I don’t think so.  I would rather talk to my friends for free and transform myself by saying what I need to say.

I hope that makes sense.

So, my diagnosis is that I have been through a lot and have come out stronger then I was before.  I still miss my dad and sometimes I cry.  I will hit my work numbers and it is stressful.  The situation with my ex is strange but somehow it is working for them so I am out of the loop.

I have a great life.  Have a great day.







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