The Keys to the Kingdom

13 Nov

I think I found “the Secret.”

To having an amazing life.

I really do.

Are you ready?

Here is what it is:

  • Be present in the moment (really be here right now)
  • Be authentic (what is true for you without filtering or worrying about the impact)
  • Listen to others powerfully (as if they are great)

I’ve tried it and it’s really powerful, great, exciting, etc.

And then in the next moment I forget.  I start worrying about whatever it is I just said or did.  And it’s gone.

But in the moment of being present, life is magical.

And, it disappears in an instant.  Identity and worry come slamming back.

So, it’s not easy to do this.  Our brains are not conditioned for it.  But it’s possible.

And, I am writing this instead of what I thought I would be doing.  I was going to be reading through my book so that I can send it to a proof reader.   And then get it published.  That is exciting.  And if I am present, I am excited.  But if I think about it, the excitement is replace with worry:

  • why do I think I can publish a book?
  • it probably sucks
  • people will get mad
  • I’ll spend alot of money and not make any
  • I don’t know what I’m doing
  • I should be writing book 2 already
  • Why am I wasting time writing a blog
  • etc.

But if I’m just in the moment, I can just schedule a time to read through my book.  No big deal.  And do what I need to do.

If I’m in my head, I might as well just go to sleep and forget all about it.  It is too stressful and exhausting in there.

So which looks more fun?   I know my answer.



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