I contacted Oprah

5 Feb

I just sent a linked in inmail to Oprah.  Yes, Oprah Winfrey.

Over the weekend, we discussed what was urgent.  Where did we hear the knock?

My connection to the eternal is through spirituality and truth.  I get moved when people are real.  When they experience emotions.

My memoir is real.  It is meant to inspire people.

Who else inspires people?  Oprah.

So I googled how to contact her.  It said to go throught linked in.  So I signed up for premium which is free for a month.  And I sent her an inmail.

I am so excited that I did that.  I am thinking BIG.  I am doing BIG.  It was bold.

If I never hear back, I am still good.  YAY ME!!  I reached out beyond my little world.

Ok, watching the superbowl.  Gotta go.



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