Being bigger than my thoughts

29 Jan

I was in a seminar all weekend and I kept thinking I didn’t belong and I wasn’t up to what everyone else was up to.

And the funny thing was that other people said the same thing.  That they didn’t think THEY belonged, either.

I’ve decided not to listen to my thoughts.

My thoughts keep telling me that what I shared was stupid.  And I’ve been feeling like it was true all night.  Going over and over what I shared.  But I just I realized that it’s just my brain trying to protect me from getting hurt.  Thanks, brain!!!!

What I realized over the weekend is that I have kept my self separate from people all my life.  I was so afraid of getting hurt, criticized, made fun of, condemned, etc that I got rid of people before they could get rid of me.

But if I can love my children unconditionally, then I can love everyone else that way, too!!  If someone snips at me, then they are upset and need comforting.  Instead of taking it personally and starting a fight and badmouthing them, I can turn things around.  I can take care of them since they are obviously hurting.

I can live in a win/win world instead of a win/lose, elevating the other person and not being afraid that if they win, I have to lose.

I can listen to people from strength and success, instead of what they are doing wrong and how they are not fulfilling MY agenda.

It all sounds good, right?  I just have to remember this!!!!  Please remind me!!!  Good night!


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