I Finally Registered For The Triathlon – NO REFUNDS!!!! YIKES!!!!

8 Aug


I just registered for the triathlon.  I was holding on to my escape clause by not registering, but it was time.  I can do the distances of all three parts – I swam 52 laps tonight of a 25 yard pool.  I will run hopefully 3 miles tomorrow, and I did spinning for an hour today.

I will get my borrowed bike this weekend and I have a borrowed helmet.  My main concern is how to change into my running bra before the run.  The registration form is from the Kiwanis club and it calls it a “family” event, so how serious can I be taking this thing. 

I was admitting to people that I hadn’t registered and they were encouraging me to, so I set up my task for tonight and I did it.  It is non-refundable so I can’t chicken out thinking I could get my money back.

I don’t have a real competitive bathing suit or biking clothes but I am not going to sweat the small stuff, but I am nervous about it.  I just have to breathe.  How long can the whole thing take?  A few hours, and I am going to ruin all of August worrying about it?  I hope not.  I have always wanted to do this so I am going to.




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