Poems for Today…

24 Feb

Poems for Today’s Less Than Wonderful Mood

While looking for a prayer on letting go, I found these two and wanted to share…

Prayers from a Wounded Warrior
Excerpt from Prayers from a Wounded Warrior by Laura Barnhart,
Copyright 2004 Laura Barnhart. Published by Artemesia Publishing.
Letting Go and Letting God
Dear God,
Revitalize my hope, restore my faith, and renew my
May I remember here on earth there is always
The cycle of the seasons,
Cherry blossoms in the spring,
A child being born,
A soul going Home,
Hearts opening with love,
People going separate ways,
Breaking ocean waves,
Water cutting rivers,
Scientific discoveries,
Molecules bonding,
Creative ideas bursting forth and coming to fruition,
Laughter and tears.
Dear God,
Remind me I need do nothing,
There is an underlying order to everything,
May I let go and let You orchestrate divine
Dear God,
You have blessed us with a sacred bond.
A cherished friend,
Who listens in my time of need,
Shares the joy of my accomplishments,
Offers a hug when good fortune knocks,
Stands by my side, when life becomes unsettled,
Reminds me to laugh, when I am too serious,
Offers guidance, when I need clarity,
Picks me up when I fall,
Calls when I am feeling alone,
Keeps my private affairs to her own counsel.
May we journey through life together,
Over peaks and through valleys,
Letting You lead our way.

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