Brilliance – Important feedback received

14 May

I was on the phone with my of my fellow writers discussing the lack of comments on this blog and my inherit suffering over this issue.

She told me that when she tried to comment, it asked her for her email and other information and it was prohibitive so she didn’t do leave one.

“Oh, maybe that’s why only a couple of people are leaving comments,”  I said.  “Wow.  That would be a better explanation than what I made up.”

So I tried it and she was right.  It was a pain in the you know what.

So, after delving into WordPress and all of it’s buttons, selections and options, I found out how to change it.  It was kind of fun to be a detective.  Not something I would normally bother with.

Now, you shouldn’t need to enter any information in order to comment.  Let’s see if it helps.

Lessons learned:

  1. Asking for help can give me important feedback.
  2. Silent suffering is not very productive.
  3. Sharing my blog with 5 people a day is good for my soul.
  4. Sharing with the same person twice is not cheating like I thought.  The reason is, that in this person’s case, the second time had her act on it.
  5. All is good.
  6. Happy Mother’s Day!!!!



One Response to “Brilliance – Important feedback received”

  1. Anonymous May 15, 2017 at 8:44 pm #

    I’m enjoying all your posts.

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