This Reminds Me………….

12 Jul

Whatever you think about all the time you will attract into your life. Not what you want – what you think about.

Bob Proctor – Speaker and Author

So what do you think about?

I know that for the last two weeks we do not have much business going in.  It’s the start of the quarter and I am afraid we are getting behind.  And the thought paralyzes me.

And then I realized that this is familiar every quarter.  At the end of the prior quarter we are so focused on hitting our numbers that we don’t line things up for the next one.  And, we start off behind.

Two things have been helping me:

  • Panic doesn’t help.  I actually do know what to do if I can allow myself to think clearly.  I need to focus on setting appointments because that’s the only way to succeed in our business.  Just because I don’t have as many set as I would like, it doesn’t mean I can’t just set them up now.  That’s the way to open new accounts and sell more in the old ones.
  • When the panic starts, I take a deep breath.  And, I remember that for the last 6 quarters I started out behind and then finished strong anyway.  This is just the way it always starts out.

So I needed to write this so I remember.  I gotta go.  I’m starting to panic!!  I better go set some appointments!!!



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