Got a New Strategy

9 Jul

I’ve been listening to Abraham Hicks on youtube.  It’s all about the Law of Attraction, being in the vortex, connecting to source, and having the life of your dreams.

As long as you are “attracting what you want by being in a resistance free vibration,” you can have what you want.  Obviously I am paraphrasing (probably wrong), so don’t quote me, listen to the youtube recordings yourself instead.

After about a month of listening, instead of having a positive vibration, what I’ve been doing (I just noticed this weekend), is to make myself wrong for not doing this right.  (Not a positive vibration at all).   I didn’t realize I was in the shitter immediately, but I could sense something wasn’t right by how negative I was feeling.

And, I was following what I wanted up with negativity which I couldn’t seem to stop.  For example, I want true love and a fabulous relationship.  Immediately I would think all the reasons why I couldn’t have it.  If I was going to have it, I would.   The last few didn’t work out.  I’m doing this wrong.  I don’t see anyone I even want to DATE let alone be with forever, etc.  The negativity automatically popped up following my “rocket of desire” statement.  And I was in a funk knowing this was not the way I was supposed to be doing it.

Today, however, I heard something new.  All you need is 17 seconds of being grateful for anything to change your vibration.  I had to listen several times to understand what she was saying.

I tried it.  I can do that.  It’s way easier then trying  to stop my negative thoughts.

So far I’ve done it about 5 times.  I did it while walking to Dunkin Donuts to get my coffee:

  • I am grateful for the flowers
  • I am grateful for the yellow flowers
  • I am grateful for the purple flowers
  • I am grateful for the red flowers
  • I am grateful that the Dunkin donuts is within walking distance to my office
  • I am grateful that my heart beats
  • I am grateful that my legs can take me to Dunkin Donuts
  • I am grateful for my state office of AFLAC
  • I am grateful that my car can drive me places
  • I am grateful that I have a place to live
  • I am grateful that my body is strong and healthy………….

And it changes what I am focusing on.  Otherwise I am automatically focusing on the negative – I don’t see any cute guys, I haven’t made enough appointments, I look fat, I don’t know what to do with my book, I’m not doing anything worthwhile, why did my ex change from perfect man to meaner than f–k,  etc.  They are my involuntary thoughts that keep repeating in my head and they seem real.

So, I am going to try this whenever I think of it.  17 seconds isn’t that long.  It certainly can’t hurt.  Care to join me?




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